20 June, 2012

Really, I am not competing!

Today was Hatha with Diane.

The Yogalympics has been underway at Urban for a few weeks now. It's an interesting phenomenon. Yoga, as you know, is not a competitive sport. In fact, being competitive "on the mat" is probably the antithesis of practice. But this is not about competing on the mat. We all know that. The competition is about showing up. But there's also listening to your body and not getting caught up in external factors.

But there's no denying it. There's something fun about the challenge. I find myself looking at the board with all those gold stars (and some multicolor flowers as well), and I count them up. I note who the "leaders" are. And I marvel at how many stars some people have posted. But this does not change my behavior. I won't push myself beyond my limit or beyond my personal goals as a result of someone else's accomplishment.

I do like seeing the achievements though. And I do like seeing if I can reach my own personal goal of 45+ consecutive days.

Today was another HOT Hatha class. Diane is gentle as can be, but 104+ degrees still taxes my brain after 30 minutes or so.

One positive shift occurred today. For the first time in at least a month, I was able to do reclining pigeon (thread the needle) on both sides without pain in my knee. I am not sure why. It was not a big ibuprofen day or anything. But it's encouraging because it means I am finding rest and recovery IN my practice, as opposed to needing to stop practicing.

Question is: can I heal everything through this same presence and kindness to myself?

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