21 June, 2012

Love everybody

Today was Hatha with Diane.

I hadn't planned on going to two days in a row of Diane's class. Not because it's not wonderful (because it is), but because I have been trying to really focus on variety in my yoga routine. I feel like it's important to mix it up when doing this 45-day challenge, so my mind and my body stay fresh.

But, as circumstances would have it, my work and social schedule left the noon class as the most viable option for today. And, not surprisingly, it turns out that the same class can be an entirely different experience from one day to the next. Life mixes things up for us, even if all else appears the same.

When we arrived in Studio A today, I was happy that it was, at least initially, not a million degrees in the room. I had no expectations that it would remain that way, but it doesn't hurt to hope. For whatever reason, today started mellow, and stayed mellow. There were only about 15-20 people in the room, and we'd spread out nicely. The room was very dim. The atmosphere was quiet and peaceful.

This was a picture perfect Diane class.

At the start of class, we did our opening salutations, and then came the moment for setting intention. My initial thought was based on something that had fleeted through my mind yesterday after class: giving love to my knee, since it's been starting to heal for me. But for some reason, I took a giant detour from that one, and my mind went straight to something so much bigger:

Love Everybody.

Why not?

What does it mean to love everybody? What does it feel like? An important piece of it is that I am a part of everybody, so that would include loving myself.

I noticed my Warrior II today during class. Not in the mirror, since Studio A currently doesn't have the mirrors in place. But I just looked down at my body, especially my front leg, but also a sense of my hips, and of the position and weight distribution of the back leg. And I noticed something: it's getting better. I cannot recall what I said about Warrior II six months ago. But I seem to recall looking at myself in the mirror back then, and thinking that I looked like, for lack of a better phrase, a "sloppy mess." For months, I have not thought much about how it looked overall, though there are certainly days where I have felt more or less warrior-like. But I stopped thinking about it, and just did it. The Basics classes that I've taken have taught me some important, subtle adjustments and cues.

And today, I just became aware that I am a different Warrior than I was in October.

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