04 June, 2012

Lingering effects

Today was Hatha with Bret.

Yesterday's double left me with sore muscles in places that don't usually ache from yoga: hip flexors, trapezius. In spite of the aches, class today felt pretty good. I suspect if I keep mentioning how hot it is, eventually people are going to ask me why it is that I go to hot yoga. Fair question.

My head stayed in the game pretty well today. One challenge I have is that I've been needing to skip a few "knee-intensive" poses for a while now: Hero's, sometimes Pigeon, sometimes Half Tortoise. And I find myself losing focus during the void that happens in this part of the class, and sometimes getting down on myself in that gap. I think I need a planned substitute for those poses. I usually do something else there, but not feeling like it is well-orchestrated. I can either make my own replacement or learn to be okay with being informal there.

I guess either choice could work.

It's all about compromise.

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