05 June, 2012

It's light out at 5am

Today was 6am Hatha with Angie.

I'd been told that it is not light at 5am. But this was not true. Prior to this morning I would have needed to consult my sunrise calendar to know for sure. But thanks to The Fab Five Yogis (my Yogalympics team), I can speak to it firsthand.

The final selling point for me this morning was that it had been many moons since I had taken any of Angie's classes. Precisely, ever since she stopped doing the 5:15pm slots. I had a memory of liking her class, but I'd forgotten just how much. Simple guidance, not much talking, but really perfect timing. The poses always seem to last not too short and not too long. I guess everyone has their Goldilocks instructor...

Last night I knew I was going to the 6am but I still did not get to bed until 11:45pm. It's difficult for me to wind down. Plus I was watching United States of Tara on Netflix, which can be a bit addictive. When I went to sleep it was pouring rain. I said to myself, "If it is raining like this in the morning, I won't go." Then I woke up and it was raining, but I just got up and went. Not a lot of thinking, just a lot of doing (there's a yoga quote for every circumstance).

The class was packed. Over 50 people. Other than my four teammates, there was hardly a familiar face in the class. Interesting, I think, Urban Yoga Spa is not just one big community. Rather, it is a few sub-communities, based around schedule. There is definitely the morning and evening crowd. There seemed to be a noon crowd. And I would venture to guess there's a weekend group as well, though they probably overlap with the other groups.

Communities within communities. Interesting how we are divided by schedule. What other defining characteristics might there be to these groups?

Class at 6am not wildly different from class in the evening. Once I am on the mat, class is class. I liked the dark room. My balance was not fantastic. But I have seen that in most of the morning classes I have taken. I wonder why my balance is bad in morning. True just for me? Or is that a universal biological truth?

The upside of this is that I now have a 36 hour rest until Odessa's class tomorrow!

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