10 June, 2012

I will always treasure these moments

Today was Power Vinyasa "Flexy" in Walla Walla with Gordy.

The final class of our 3 day yoga (wine) retreat. I knew that it would be bittersweet coming to the final day of this retreat, and the final class. We spent the entire weekend connecting as a group, and experiencing all sorts of joys that go way beyond what ever happens on a yoga mat (though, don't over interpret that; there was no Kama Sutra, or anything like that going on).

Having completed the second straight day of wine tasting and wine drinking, we were all in no better than slightly compromised states. I managed to evade the realm of headache or nausea. But I was severely dehydrated, and felt like I had a slight tremor which was probably caused by alcohol withdrawal. Being as it was, Gordy was quite kind to us in class. There was a lot of deep stretching. A little bit of easy, gentle flowing. And there were only a few sequences of balance, to earn the class at least a deserved "moderate" difficulty level, and perhaps to bring a little bit of playfulness into the fact that we were all "not just right" this morning.

We did some fun poses, such as Dekasana while holding onto each others' arms in a long line, as well as some standing balance work where we were supposed to hold each others' leg up. That one was a little trickier. Gordy had some light humor about the events of the weekend, and had everyone laughing.

During the flow sequence that we did, I focused directly on a fellow yogi across the room from me, looking straight into her eyes (not sure if she could tell, since we were facing each other but probably 40 feet apart in a dimly lit room), and I locked my tempo directly to hers. I liked this feeling of being in sync, without instruction. And I also liked that it was perhaps not even obvious to her that I was "connecting" in this way.

Just like that, class was over.

I had been starting to feel a little bit of a letdown before class, as I knew the close was coming. The whole retreat was like a social-connection high, building friendships, experiencing a long string of wonderful moments. I didn't want it to end.

I find myself already looking forward to next year's retreat. And I most definitely find myself looking forward to tomorrow's class.

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