18 June, 2012

Home again

Today was Hatha with Bret.

After a four day tour of Northeast yoga, it was a pleasure coming back to the iconically West Coast spirit of Bret's class: the anti-Bikram! Not only do you not have to do the pose exactly the way I tell you to do it... You can do whatever pose you want! And if a Chaturanga strikes your fancy, then, by all means, throw it right in there too!

Bret's mantra is always "This is your practice." When I was a complete newbie, this induced a bit of anxiety. Options were overwhelming. But now it feels like art. Choose the colors that suit your body today.

Class was hot hot hot, but I am sure it's because I just had a couple of days of relatively unheated yoga.

Somehow over the last few days I have developed a hint of a groin pull. Maybe it was those Horse Poses. It's not quite a groin pull. But it feels like it could become one. Caution on the lunges and warriors. I was fine. But a groin pull is not like a sore shoulder. There's no "working around it," so I am taking it very seriously.

Class felt good, though I did start having the head spin outs due to the heat. Impatience. Breathe through it... But it's hard.

Glad to be back at Urban.

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