26 June, 2012

Good to have her back

Today was Power Vinyasa with Whitney.

After a long time without, it was great to take a class with Whitney again. From the very start of class, her voice lulled me into both a peaceful, but deeply emotional place. And that's where the gentleness of this class ends, because it sure was an ass-kicker! Mercifully, Whitney kept the doors open a lot, and the room was not very hot. But the sequences, always deep in the legs, were neverending, and we received not one Child's Pose for the entire 45-50 minutes of standing series (whine, whine, moan, moan, I know).

I found myself starting to actually freak out about halfway through, and even had some of those almost-extinct thoughts of getting angry at the teacher: "What's she doing? Why aren't we getting any break?!"

But as always, I made it more difficult than it needed to be, because I did make it through the class, and probably didn't need the water because, after all, I didn't collapse. I didn't die. It wasn't the end of the world. It was just a tough class.

Where this class excelled was in finding pause, and finding depth in the poses. There was even an opportunity to find rest in the poses, if I weren't so busy getting flipped out about the fact that we didn't get a mental break.

The past few days, for some reason, my shoulders have been looser than they were in previous weeks. Not really sure why that is, but it's true. I am finding that in poses with hands clasped behind the back, I am able to get a really good stretch of the shoulders. Sometimes that is not available to me.

I also noticed that it's a lot easier to do Chaturanga without pain on 10 hours of sleep than on 6 hours of sleep. Could it be that sleep is an essential component of physical and emotional well-being?

What would possibly make me say that?!

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