27 June, 2012

Finally blue

Today was Hatha with Diane.

The sky finally decided to be blue, and the sun finally decided to shine. Of course, at this point, my reaction is like a person who has been neglected by their significant other for months, and then, one day, they come home with a bouquet of roses, and I'm like "Um.. okay... whatever... you can't just waltz in all nice, and act like everything's perfect just because you finally decided you care!"

It's true. I resent the sky.

That makes it slightly ironic that I've been doing all these Sun Salutations. Of course, it's a Hatha class, so we're only doing "half salutations" which seems slightly more appropriate given my attitude.

Class was, by all measures, easy going today. But I still am having a hard time keeping my head together in the second half of a Hatha class. Somewhere at around the 30 minute mark, I start losing focus, and my patience rarely returns after that. The same does not seem to be true of Vinyasa classes, I suspect because of the variety of the sequences, and the faster pace of the class. There is not as much opportunity to think, because there's so much to do. It's mechanically challenging. Hatha is more just being.

I am sure there's a really important analogy here in my life, off the mat. But I am still having a hard time pinning down exactly what it is.

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