19 June, 2012

Express yourself

Today was 75 minutes of Power Vinyasa Madonna theme class with Kathy.

I did not really get enough sleep last night. Truth be told, I was not feeling fantastic due to some unanticipated Monday night beverages. But I'd committed in my mind to this class and there would be no backing down.

Interestingly, it was after class that I finally felt nearly normal again. They always tell us that hot yoga is "detoxifying" and I am not sure I can disagree with that.

Slightly wider hands on Chaturanga seems to be working. For the first time in weeks or months the flow is actually feeling "light." I am still feeling a little pain but the effort to move my body is lessened with this position.

Warriors felt very good today. Especially Warrior I. It feels as if the focus that I got from doing the Basics classes has helped me to move this pose forward. It's weird how we can come every day and have much of the routine feel unchanged but, here and there, we have these little shifts. You only notice them if you're really paying attention.

Class was hard, but not brutal. Class was hot, but not oppressive. And I found it really easy to let go 100% after every challenge. One of my favorite "letting go" moments in these classes lately has been the face-down Savasana following Dolphin Planks... with our breath pushing our back up and down and cheek (in my case) resting in a cool wet mat. It sounds like it should be gross, but it's soothing. Peaceful.

Some great moments.

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