11 June, 2012

Back into the fire

Today was Power Vinyasa with Jo.

I was tempted to take Hatha today, to give some of my joints a rest, but I found myself really wanting to be there with the group of people who were at the retreat this weekend. And I had a strong suspicion that this would be in Jo's 5:30pm class. I was correct. And it was really nice to see the people again today. It was nice to have a few extra names to go with smiling faces that are now familiar. My community at Urban Yoga Spa has become a little larger, and a little closer.

After three days of "cold yoga," today's class was, shall we say, a shock to the system. There must have been between 70-90 people in the room, and it was hot and humid, and Jo showed up to deliver a challenging class. We were "alerted" at the start that there would be pretty much a constant flow, and that we should use our own judgment as to when we need rest. Of course, for me, that would be "I will not rest until she tells us to rest. I felt good. I felt strong. But as class wore on, the heat did get to me. It didn't take me out of commission, but I find myself getting wobbly.

Today, I modified about half of my Chaturangas. And I modified Belly of the Beast, but did the regular Side Planks, and also did the Flipped Downward Dog. Did Bridge instead of Wheel. The right shoulder is not feeling good right now, and I have been sort of not keeping on the ibuprofen dosing. I don't want to take it constantly, but may need to restart for a few days.

My intention for class today was to really feel it. Whatever it was. The heat, the pain, the fatigue, the struggle. Whatever it was, I wanted to commit to feeling it, rather than trying to escape it. I think I was able to be in that for about 90% of the class. I heard a lot of heavy sighing, and strained breathing around me in the room. I know that comparison is not part of the practice, but it is helpful to me to recognize that I am learning how to stay peaceful and still even when there is chaos from the heat and the fatigue. I am learning how to let go and not create the drama. Not every day. Not every minute. And not in all areas of my life, all the time, either. But sometimes, yes.

And that's something.

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