01 June, 2012

Am I ready now?

Today was Power Vinyasa with Cassandra, and Day 1 of the Yogalympics.

I cannot say that Day 1 feels any different than any other day, since I have done my own version of a marathon over the past few months. This year, so far, I've taken 124 classes in ~150 days. And lately, doing yoga has become the default.

Nonetheless, thinking about 45 consecutive days does present a challenge. I'll be traveling during this time, so I will need to come up with a travel yoga plan if I want to keep it going.

And there can be no injury. Right?

Today, Cassandra started us off on this marathon with a rather difficult class. We did a Warrior flow series that was notably similar to what Gordy did over the weekend. I believe I noted Sunday how difficult it is to go from Warrior II to Crescent Lunge. Guess what. It didn't get any easier! Following the warrior atrocities (he says, jokingly), we did some kind of Side Plank flow. I did not previously even know it was possible to flow through Side Planks, but I guess I don't know everything, now, do I?

It was hard. No question about it. The difficulty broke me a little bit. I started to get "annoyed," but before long, the difficult part was over. And we had peaceful stretching. Let go. Relax. Come back to the moment.

It's not about always staying in the moment. It's about always returning to the moment.

Today, Cassandra pointed out that, if we were going to have any drama, let that drama be in our breath. Big, deep breath. Fully in it. Focused on that breath.

Today I really wanted to have that drama. And I am glad I was able to channel it through breath.

Day 1 is done. 44 to go? I don't know.

But I will see you at 2pm tomorrow.

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