09 May, 2012


Today was Power Vinyasa with Ginger.

I know to expect the unexpected in this class. I know it will never be the same twice. I know it will be an ethereal, meandering flow that seems like it should be peaceful, but is actually rather grueling.

So I was ready for today's class.

My arms were tired. Lots of modifications. Mind was pretty busy because of the work day. Oddly, the difficulty and the distraction did not lead directly to "suffering," and that was likely because Ginger tends to go easy on the heat. It makes me wonder if I would enjoy doing non-hot yoga. Maybe I should try it sometime.

Today really should have been a Hatha day for the sake of my injuries. But schedule led me to choose the earlier class. Tomorrow will either be Hatha or a day off.

No great wisdom to share today.

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