03 May, 2012

Too much mirror

Today was Power Vinyasa Basics with Kelley.

I thought it would be a good idea to have full side view in the mirrors during this class. It's slower. There is time to examine posture. Check form. Adjust. Should be great.

But I didn't really love what I saw today. First I noticed my ribs sort of hang down over my hips in Downward Dog. My body didn't look beautifully elongated like I want to picture in my mind's eye. My Warrior I looked even more twisted from a side view than it does from the front. Interestingly, my Warrior II looked pretty damn good.

But I started focusing too much on what I was seeing. And started to notice things like skin. Why is there so much skin? Why do I still feel flabby. I can't possibly *be* flabby. But I see it. Self conscious. I tried to stay in the moment but kept drifting to the question of why I don't look more fit. Maybe my posture isn't good? I don't know.

Class wasn't hot. But it wasn't that easy considering it was a basics class. The Crescent Lunge and Chair series were still tough. And slow!

I am nursing the new injury. The nerve thing in my left elbow. It's not bad. But there it is. Another on the list. This week has been a week of scattered focus. Off the mat, in particular. I don't think it's been bad on the mat. But where is the disconnect.

Am I simply taking a Real World Savasana?

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