20 May, 2012

Thank you

Today was the final day, and Class #4 of the "City of Dreams" Yoga Retreat in Port Townsend; it was Vinyasa with Cassandra.

Class today was all about "Heart Opening." Even more so than the yoga poses that we did, the mood of openness of the heart permeated the entire room. After yesterday's marathon of yoga, hiking, dining, connecting, this morning had that bittersweet atmosphere of knowing that it was almost over. It was almost time to return to reality. To the "real world." Though our minds want to reminisce about the time we had this weekend, or jump forward to the concerns about the future, or hopes for the next time we can gather like this, the truth is, we are still here. Still now.

The class today was not like any other yoga class I have ever taken. 

It was like the sealing of a bond between us. 

Although it was the final class that was specifically about heart opening, the truth is that the entire weekend was a collective opening of the heart for all of us. On so many occasions, in so many ways, we opened up to one another; on the mat, in a restaurant, walking, shopping.

I'm reminded of one of the readings Cassandra did yesterday. She talked about how all of our emotions and states of mind are like "seeds" that we carry. When we express these emotions, we plant those seeds, and they have the potential to grow and then create more of those seeds in ourselves and in others. I feel like Cassandra brought us all together, with a giant bag full of the finest, most precious seeds: love, caring, nurturing, honesty, trust, humor, energy, hope, spirit, power... and she shared them with us, and we joined in, and added our own seeds. Lots of seeds. You get the idea?

Something wonderful will grow from these seeds that we planted.

I will end with a poem, by James Broughton, that we came across at dinner last night, and then in a birthday card that we found for one of our fellow yogis at the retreat... Cassandra started class by reading this poem to us, and it really did sum up the entire weekend, and really, everything it means to be here together, practicing:

This is It.
This is really It
This is all there is.
And it’s perfect as It is.
There is nowhere to go
but Here.
There is nothing here
but Now.
There is nothing now
but This.
And this is It.
This is really It
This is all there is.
And it’s perfect as It is.

A final "Thank You" to Cassandra for organizing this retreat, to Jo and Cassandra for teaching and sharing themselves with us, and to my fellow yogis with whom I had the opportunity experience it all.

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