07 May, 2012

Showing up

Today was 75 minutes Power Vinyasa with Rob.

And today, my yoga guest came to practice with me. I wasn't sure if she would come. And I felt myself hoping so much for it.

And she did.

We met early and got her signed in. I found the coolest spot in the room, with her mat right in front of the door. Introduced her to Rob, and showed her a few of the basic moves of the flow series.

When class began, I experienced a mix of elation that she actually showed up, and concerned attention that she was having an okay experience.

Class was reasonably difficult. But it was very well-paced. The first time we raised our leg in Downward Dog, I knew that she was going to be just fine. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her leg extending almost vertically. Of course it was. She was a gymnast. And I knew I didn't need to worry.

She took a few brief rests but mostly kept up with the whole class. Much more easily than I did in my first class.

When it was over, she was a bit at a loss for words. She expressed a lot of emotions about the experience in fleeting phrases and abbreviated sentences. I won't elaborate. But I understood it. The experience on the mat was a microcosm of all that I have heard from her about life in general during our conversations. The similarity was clear as day to me. I am not sure if she caught it or not.

I resisted the desire to ask her much. Just let it sink in and be her experience.

I hope she decides to come again but I don't want to push much.

Why do I care about this girl? What resonates for me?

I am not really sure.

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