06 May, 2012

Seis de Mayo

Today was 75 minutes of Hatha with Bret.

It's a beautiful day. I didn't really feel like coming today, truth be told. Morning classes are not my favorite. I usually sweat even more than evenings and also often get more stuck in my head.

Today wasn't bad. Once I got to class, the resistance faded. The injuries to knee and elbow are now giving me more issue than the shoulder. I learned the poses that were hurting my shoulder and made necessary modification. I am still trying to figure out which ones underlie the other two injuries. I know Eagle is bad for the knee. But I think that the standing balance poses, in general, are a problem. There's a tendency to lock the knee and hyperextend. Not sure how to work around it. The elbow. That's a mystery so far. I thought it was the Plank poses. But now I think it may me things like Bow pose that twist my arm and pull it. I need to start paying attention to it more.

Recently, I feel like my yoga is grounded but I am in a mini-ungrounded phase off-the-mat. It's self-created and unnecessary. And I can't put my finger exactly on why it is occurring. I may need to start writing about it in my long-unused journal.

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