08 May, 2012

It's a long night

Today was Hatha with Jo.

Class was unbearably hot, though the thermometer read only 97 degrees. Like my mother always used to say, "It's not the heat... It's the humidity!"

I had to jog from work to arrive on time, so I'd already started the class with a sweat and it rapidly progressed to a Tandoori situation. By the time we got to Half Moon, 10 minutes into class, my brain was asking when it would be over.

Thoughts thoughts thoughts.

About work. About life. About heat. About my body aches. A stream of thoughts to label and dismiss. Trying to remember to breathe.

Standing Bow was shaky. I am nervous on right side now because of the right knee and left elbow. It's a double whammy. And that was normally my good side. I am always nervous on left because of my low back. So now I am just... nervous.

But it is over now. And I feel good. So there you have it.

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