31 May, 2012

It's good to be Alice

Today was Power Vinyasa with Kathy.

The title of this blog was supposed to be "It's good to be alive" but my iPhone changed it to "Alice" and that seemed pretty good too.

Today, I was well on my way to dipping a notch lower into the cloud-induced funk, feeling down about the flurry of violence that's taken place around town. Then, a random exchange of greetings at the supermarket snapped me out of it, or at least started me in the right direction.

"It's good to be alive."

That's what he said. And I realized immediately how true that is. And given that it's good to be alive, it is even better to appreciate being alive.

And that started the gradual upswing from the low of the past few days. Then, Kathy's class catapulted me along that path back to positivity.

The energy in class today, in spite of the large crowd, was a bit subdued. Kathy started class with a dedication to the families of the many victims of recent shootings around town. It was on everyone's mind. And I really appreciate that she called it out. Because it is there like a elephant. She ended class with some very powerful words about how we go through periods of surging forward, and periods of regrouping and restoring for that next forward surge. And that when times feel rough, it is important, above all, not to become "downhearted."

This rang so true to me, it was almost as if she was in my head. And it was exactly the message I needed.

We are not alone. It's a hard week for everyone.

Between those inspirational bookends, we had a strenuous, but well-paced class, with lots of Dolphin Planks, and a fairly even balance of flow and balance work. Kathy and her assistant, Julie, were both doing hands-on adjustments, and the atmosphere felt incredibly nurturing.

I am glad yoga is there for me.

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