21 May, 2012

Home is where the heat is

Today was Power Vinyasa with Jo.

It felt good to come back to the yoga studio right away and continue the practice, after this weekend's immersive experience. Normally, I take a Hatha class on Monday evenings, but the retreat left me feeling like I wanted to keep the vibration going, and this seemed to be the way to do it.

It was a vastly different environment to the past three days. Bustling energy of the city. The dark, large studio and its decor. A room full of 90 people, many familiar, and many not.

And the heat.

The heat.

The heat.

I'd enjoyed the spoiled 3 days of "warm yoga," and it was surprising how quickly my mind and body forgot about the heat.

Class was, in spite of my thermal complaints, peaceful and nice. Though we were densely packed, it felt close in a good way, not a cramped way. On a couple of poses, I found myself in physical contact with a neighbor. And, instead of pulling away or issuing a hushed "sorry," we just let the contact be. In Locust pose, we even used that contact and lifted each others' arms a little higher. It is okay to touch your neighbor yogi. We are already connected by being in the room, on our mats together. The physical connection is little more beyond that.

The heat was tough and I was tired from lack of sleep (4pm coffee yesterday led to a 2am bedtime - thanks Port Townsend folks). But I made it.

I noticed, as I have before, that the heat is worst when I am anticipating some future pose... "what if we have to do Crescent Lunge?" Those thoughts are not this very moment. And they are much worse than the moment I am in. And they are much worse than the actual Crescent Lunge would have been.

And, it turns out, the dreaded pose never came. All that wasted worry.

I can't tell you how often the same has been true in my life.

Mat as a microcosm.

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