05 May, 2012

Giving it back to the universe

Today was Power Vinyasa with Cassandra.

Just after class, I had an unanticipated encounter. I met a woman who seemed so trapped and weighed down by her perceptions and judgments about her life. I do not want to say much because I wish to respect her privacy. But I just felt that she was this intense passionate person, if only she could get past her self-defeating attitude.

Of course, we ended up discussing yoga. And, of course, everyone's been telling her she should be doing yoga. And it makes so much sense. She used to be a gymnast. She is looking for an intense physical outlet. She actually enjoys the heat!


I decided that my mission is to show her yoga. To bring her as my guest. And to see what happens. To lead the horse to water and see if it learns to drink.

So much more I would say but I just wanted to share that this feels deeply purposeful to me. And I could be misguided. I could be a sucker. But something I see in her and hear in her felt sincere.

I'd like to offer yoga to someone else's life, as it was offered to mine. This sounds crazy religious or some shit.

But you know it's not.

Today, Cassandra's class was peaceful. Deep. Good stretches. Still being cautious and needed to revert back to Low Cobra again. And the elbow is still a new issue.

That's all.

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