19 May, 2012

Flowing with grace

Today was the second class of the "City of Dreams" yoga retreat with Cassandra.

We are in a post yoga blissed state. Class was 90 minutes with a starting meditation. Again, bright sunshine outside. The room was light and airy. And class was euphoric.

Surprisingly I felt strong throughout class today, although my shoulder says it is a little tired. Every day is different. Knee fine. Elbow fine. Shoulder... That's where I am at today.

Warrior II felt like I was standing in someone else's body. An actual warrior, perhaps. Is it easier to do yoga on a retreat, where we aren't trying to strip away the stress of everyday life? Can I find this focus in my regular practice?

Everyone seemed peaceful. After class we are all in a zen-like state. Eating lunch together. And then we will hike. And then. More yoga.

The room here has an amazing ceiling. The color is so perfectly blue.

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