06 May, 2012

Ball in motion

Regarding my "Yoga Project Girl," it appears I've got a commitment from her to come and attend a class with me as a guest. I am really curious and interested to see how it will go. I feel like her chaperone, which I guess I am. But I also feel a little bit responsible for it being a positive experience for her. That is not something over which I have any control. I already gave her the "pre-speech" that instructors will usually give to newcomers. I want it to be good for her. I remember how hard and demoralizing my first class was. I ran away for 4 months before I came back again. But it will be her experience. And it will be whatever it is.

Today, a friend asked me if perhaps I see a little bit of myself in her, and that is maybe why I am so interested in reaching out to her and "helping." I thought about it and realized that, by and large, she's just a more extreme flavor of what I see in myself. But she is someone who seems open to possibilities, even in the midst of her rigid perspective.

I think about things I have heard in class, in particular from Cassandra (of course):  "You are exactly where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing." And I can't help but feel like maybe I was supposed to meet this girl. 

Reality is, much like was my case, she may go once, and not go again for months or years. But she will have showed up on the mat this one time. For this one moment. 

And that is a start.

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