02 May, 2012

Am I bold enough?

Today was Power Vinyasa with Whitney.

She started and ended class by reading us a poem about living life on the edge of possibilities, and exploring, and being courageous. It was a really nice poem:

questions that matter

Am I bold enough?
Are there ways I am living
too small?
There are definitions and containers
I could cram myself into
But would they leave me space
to breathe?
Am I watchful enough?
There is much in life 
that can diminish me
if I am not vigilant.
How have I succumbed to
noxious streams of sentimental
nonsense that have clouded
my vision and hidden my hope?
Am I courageous enough?
There is so much worthy 
of my love 
and my time and my tenacity.
When have I stepped valiantly
into life’s arena to confront
the bullish nay sayers?
Am I resilient enough?
Perfection is insidious
and potential too precious
to worry over or waste.
Where have I been an architect
of something grand
and graceful and good?
Am I enough?
Am I living my dream of myself?
And where and when and how 
have I lived at the edges of possibility
serving the magnificent dream 
of the wholeness
of the world?

Class was oddly comfortable. The heat was never too much. Her sequences were very challenging and different from what I have been doing in other classes lately. Lots of twisting and low lunges. Lots of time spent in Chair. My Chair is pretty good, I must say. I feel strong in my legs. Where I have a hard time is with getting my arms up high while sitting down low. Not sure if it's just tightness of my shoulders or something else. But that's my challenge.

I felt good about myself after this class. Continuing to faithfully modify poses to protect my shoulder. But I do look forward to return to standard flow.

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