01 April, 2012

A whole lot of hips

Today was Power Vinyasa with Gordy.

I have not previously taken a 60 minute class with Gordy. Typically, his classes have been 75 minutes. But I guess he's filling in for Jo. In the shorter class, it turns out that Gordy's class is on the mild side for difficulty. Perhaps it was just the day, and next time it will be brutal?

Of course, I came in with a bit of trepidation because, as you are well-aware if you've read any of my other entries, I'm nursing a shoulder injury. I decided to go for it anyway and just be sure to skip any side planks. It turned out there were none.

My hips remain tight. I feel like it is a step back from where I was a month ago. But it may be my imagination. Maybe I feel tighter because I am going deeper into poses. I don't actually know. To me it just seems tight. It's also possible that my attempts to go deeper are making me more sore. There are so many possibilities and it is hard for me to gauge progress.

I really enjoyed today's class though. Music was quiet. Energy was calming. There are lots of ways for a class to be good. But it is especially satisfying when the overall experience is calming, quieting.

There were no Side Plank poses. Nothing that put torque on my shoulder. A good thing.

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