28 April, 2012

Remaining humble

Today was 90 minutes of Power Vinyasa with Odessa.

Since yesterday went so well, I decided to try again with the modifications. Odessa's classes are tough, and this was no exception. Even with modifications on all of the Chaturanga series, and knee down on Side Planks, I was still a bit tired today, likely because of having taken the class last night. It is always a little harder doing a night class followed by a morning class. But I did what I had to do to not feel pain. I positioned myself by the door (after braving the front row in Kathy's class the other day, I decided I'd give myself a break from the heat this time).

Although the sequences themselves were very tough, I felt myself smiling and feeling happy. It only hurts for those few moments, while sustaining a tough pose. And the rest always comes. We focus so much on the that "the work is always coming," but the reality is that the rest, too, is always coming. You just need to allow yourself to enjoy it when it does.

After class today, I was approached by a couple of fellow yogis who asked me about carpooling to the retreat. They're people to whom I've mostly just said hello, in the past. But here was a first connection; an opportunity to deepen that community that is budding. The seeds were planted. The earth was watered. And things are starting to grow. I don't know if they'll be flowers, strawberries, or oak trees.

But I know that something good is coming.

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