12 April, 2012

Rediscovering yes

Today was Power Vinyasa Basics with Odessa.

What can I say? Today was fantastic. The basics class is all about slowing it down. Today I was pretty stuck in my head when leaving work. Somehow, I landed on the mat, and Odessa's voice lulled me into the moment.

She told us that class today would focus on back bends, which are heart-opening poses. Gordy and Kathy talk about this type of heart-opening as "being a yes" as opposed to slouching, which would be "being a no".

This got me thinking a lot about how my posture has been improving and how much I love that feeling of Mountain Pose with shoulders back. I want to be a yes.

To some degree the injuries have been making me feel a little down at class, but it seems like I am emerging from it.

Today I felt special, for some reason. I like being a familiar face. I am once again feeling the sense of community and belonging. I like when the change in me is noticed. It makes me realize that it is really happening.

Here, there, and everywhere.

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