11 April, 2012

I want to believe

Today was Vinyasa with Kelley.

Refreshing, happy report that I finally had a class where I did not feel like I was dragging. And I finally had a day where nothing hurt. Perhaps my cold is passing. Or perhaps Naproxen works better than Ibuprofen.

Today, Kelley set collective intention of believing in something. I only had a vague sense what that might be for me. Fleeting thoughts. People. Friends. Cats. But I felt connected to the mat, and connected to my body.

The sequence today was tough, but somehow I stayed contained and feeling strong throughout class. The highlight was a modified Half Moon series that started from Reversed Warrior II and launched slowly forward into Half Moon with fingers off the ground. Revolving to Twisted Half Moon by passing through a brief Airplane. It's sometimes easier to stay with the tough stuff when it's interesting.

Class started with some challenging but brief abdominal work. And we ended with Wheel.

From start to finish there was just a good vibe. Good energy. Was it just me? Having a good day? Or was it an amazing class?

I will go with "both."

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