09 April, 2012

The hot and the humid

Today was Hatha with Bret.

Spring is here. It's finally warm. All is good. All is clear. And, in the yoga studio, all is humid.

I took two days off this weekend for the first time since the end of February. It triggered momentary guilty feelings but I felt it was an important show of "inverse discipline": the discipline to not be overly disciplined.

The humidity was downright unpleasant today. Definitely mutual, collective discomfort going on. From what I gathered, the people in the other class fared no better. I have never been a member of a hot yoga studio during the warm months of the year, so I don't have a lot to go on. I do know that the Bikram studio in Kona was unbearable, understandably, since the baseline temperature was 80 degrees and humid, and then they're adding heat to that. What can you do, right?

In spite of the heat, I was glad to be getting back in the class after the two days off. I stayed very much in the conservative zone. Whereas I felt progress in several of my poses a few weeks ago, now I am slightly retracted back into the "just getting by" mode. It was a very standard Hatha class, with the usual small Bret modifications, offering up Vinyasa flows here and there. Today, I didn't take any of those offerings. I didn't even partake of the optional second set of Floor Bow. I just felt myself wanting to stay in the safe zone, not really feeling like there was air to breathe.

In addition to the shoulder that hasn't become any better (or worse), I also have a new issue with my right knee. It started off that it would only hurt when I stretched too far on things like individual leg stretching or Triangle pose, but now it's become bad enough that Child's Pose hurts, and Hero's Pose isn't even an option. Sometimes I wonder if I just have a body that breaks down easily, or if I am doing something wrong. There are some people who can do any activity they want, and their bodies recover just fine. I just seem to incur injury. It's been that way for a long time. I wish there were some kind of genetic test I could take that would say "Your body is just the kind that breaks down." It wouldn't solve anything, but it would make me feel a little less frustrated with the outcome.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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