14 April, 2012

Exactly where I am meant to be

Today was Vinyasa with Cassandra.


For several classes in a row now, I have been itching to ask Cassandra to read the poem she once read, "My Life in Five Chapters." But I had not asked.

Today, she began class saying she wanted to read us a poem. And I knew it would be that one. I felt myself melt into the mat. The moment has never felt so big.

It is one of those classes that defies words. Cassandra puts so much of herself into the teaching. You really feel like there's an exchange, almost a gift of energy.

Class was very mellow. There were some difficult parts but they were punctuated by her calming and inspiring words:

"You are exactly where you were meant to be... doing exactly what you were meant to be doing."

I know.

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