29 April, 2012

A different view

Today was Hatha with Diane.

I saw a new friend in class today, and decided to place my mat in a different location where I would not typically position myself. A different view. A different perspective. A different feeling.

The majority of today's class was beautiful. The energy was in the room. I could feel the collective breath during the opening salutations. A sense of unison. A sense of togetherness. Shared purpose. Rested and ready. In most of my poses I felt strength, though I did find myself quite wobbly on the first pose of the balance series. But beyond that, the Dancer's Pose felt strong, and then the Side Angle series felt super-strong.

Near the end of class, things got insanely hot. Diane even remarked that we were in the hottest part of the entire room. It was only a few minutes near the end, and I was able to keep physically still, but my mind started to drift off to the side. Funny, when I lose the moment, I usually start thinking about work. I wonder why that is?

I would like to think that yoga is helping me to see what's true, and act from the heart.

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