24 April, 2012

Crouching Eagle, Wounded Knee

Today was Hatha with Jo.

Today was exactly what I needed. Thank you, universe. Thank you, Jo.

Class started off lukewarm and ended roasting. But it didn't matter. I felt so good and so "right there" -- exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I'd hoped for a turnaround in my body status and didn't have to wait long. I think it's a positive self-fulfilling prophecy. It goes both ways.

I found peace and quiet in the poses. Leaving work today, I had a little bit of self-judgment going on because of a minor mistake I had made at work. I felt that little mistake kindling fear around work in general. It didn't need to be that way. It doesn't need to be that way. The drama that follows the actual "what is" of life.

Lessons learned from yoga? Parallels? Remembering struggling in a brutal sequence in Odessa's class where I couldn't keep it together in Standing Splits. Had to rest. Started to spiral and get overwhelmed by heat. Then listened to my body and realized that the moment of true struggle had already passed. The struggle now was synthesized in my mind. Drama. I tried letting it pass. And sure enough, it did.

Apply that at work? Result is no spiraling. Recover. Resolve. Correct. Move on.

Today's intention: Forgiving Self

What more can I say?

Another revelation today: the knee pain is undoubtedly coming from Eagle pose. I have been forcing the wrapping of my right foot and it's hyperextending my knee. Today it was obvious. I am confident that laying off this will resolve the problem.

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