03 April, 2012


Last night was Hatha with Bret.

I was starting to feel sick. A cold or something. Wondering how good of an idea class would be. But determined to come anyway. For some reason my shoulder hurt more even though class didn't seem to affect it the other day. This mystery was solved last night. I realized that I am sleeping on my arm in a very awkward fashion and really wrenching it. Almost certain this is the exacerbating factor.

Today I made the ill-advised choice of situating in front of a heater. And it was scorchingly hot. Right from the start I struggled. After half an hour my concentration and will started to waver. And it became the old battle.

I looked to the woman next to me for validation and she indicated that she was hot too. For some reason I needed that validation. Is it me? Is it the room? What is it?

I made it through class with a dragging weak struggle, taking brief breaks and exiting some poses prematurely. I didn't feel bad about myself. But I felt frustration.

After class my physical state deteriorated rapidly. Weak. Tired. Joints aching. Felt feverish but was apparently not.

Today was a rest. And I seem not to be getting better. And I will need to figure out how to not sleep wrong. How do you not sleep wrong?

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