04 April, 2012

Sleepless in Seattle

Today was Hatha with Cassandra.

I have been sick since Saturday night. It seems to be getting worse. Feeling slightly weak. Took yesterday off. But, today's Cassandra and, rain or shine, well or ill, I apparently must show up. Very often, they say to us that the hardest part is just showing up. But I am starting to test that theory by showing up in progressively greater degree of physically compromised condition. I am only half-joking.

Not only am I sick, but I was awake all night last night. I did not sleep one minute. There were several reasons. One related to some anxiety about a big project at work, the other was probably being sick. A third factor was that, now that I'm increasingly convinced that my shoulder pain is coming from sleeping on my arm, I was self-conscious about how I was sleeping. These three factors had me laying awake all night.

You really might ask me why I'd take a hot yoga class after being sick, and awake for 36 hours. Fair question.

Before class, I informed Cassandra that I was feeling a bit off, and that I might be taking it easy. I am not sure it was necessary for me to do that, but the instructors often do ask the class if anyone is injured or has any special circumstances. I figured I would take advantage of that, and also perhaps psychologically give myself advance permission to take it easy if the class turned out to be not going well for me.

It turned out, I pretty much did the entire class without much difference from usual, at least in terms of my outward affect. On the inside, I was a little more conscious of not pushing limits. And I also was recognizing a leaden feeling in my arms, and a strained, fatigued feeling in my back muscles.

Taking the class didn't really seem to make me feel worse. It actually felt pretty good.

But, because I am writing this blog three days after the fact, I can foreshadow that things are eventually going to catch up with me if I continue like this.

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