27 April, 2012

All chaos is perceived

Really... whose class could it be if that's the title of this blog (and the "quote of the day")? Do I even need to tell you?

Today was Power Vinyasa with... Cassandra, of course.

Twenty-four hours and 2400mg of ibuprofen later, and my shoulder feels better than perfect. I feel like I must be Steve Austin (the Bionic Man, not the wrestler). Yesterday, I thought I was coming apart in bad ways. Today, I felt like I was floating on Cloud Nine.

When I walked in the door to UYS today, I informed Cassandra of her "marching orders": if she saw me doing Upward Dog, she was specifically instructed to step on my back and drop me to the floor. Today would be the day where I humbly, shamelessly, ... , fearlessly took every modification in the book, so as to ensure that yoga felt good. She held me to it. And I held myself to it. Other than Upward Dog, I also dropped the knees on Chaturanga, and kept one knee down during all variants of Side Plank. That is all it took. No pain, all gain.

And the best part of it is that I let it happen.

As always, Cassandra's class was great. Collective intention: "forgiveness... of self or others."

Of late, her classes have been very difficult. In fact, I would say they're almost on par with Kathy's classes, though Cassandra is considerably more merciful with the heat. We did a Crescent Lunge series that was almost identical to what we did in Monday's noon class. Interestingly, on Monday, I was almost unable to do the series. I spent most of it with my back knee down. Some of it, I spent struggling to recover from fatigue. And in some of the twisted poses from that series, I was too tired to extend my top arm to the ceiling. Today, the exact same series was not easy, but it was possible. I was able to do it without struggling.

This difference from day-to-day is intriguing and somewhat perplexing. I am amazed how different my body is in each class.

Cassandra had some really apropos messages today. One of her messages was to approach every pose as if it's the first time we have ever done it because, in reality, even if this our 100th Warrior I pose, it is the first and only time that we will ever do that Warrior I, and it could very well be entirely different than any we have ever done before.

Come to the pose fresh. Come to the mat fresh.

Come to life fresh.

Thanks, as always, Cassandra.

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