21 March, 2012

More ebb less flow

Today was Hatha with Diane.

I am actually liking the dynamic of shifting back and forth between Hatha and Vinyasa in blocks rather than alternating. There is something about getting into a mode, a rhythm, for a period of several days, and then switching it around. Last week I did mostly Vinyasa. Now, the last two days in Hatha I have found that my Standing Bow has become very stable, compared to what it was. I am not sure I would have noticed if I were alternating daily.

Today's class was hot, but the heat didn't seem to be affecting me as much as usual. Interestingly, I heard a couple of people assert that it was one of the hottest classes they'd taken, but it felt normal to me. The perception of heat is highly subjective.

I felt like my standing series was really solid today. I have not been trying to take the one-leg balance pose into a head-to-knee because I really like the feeling of strength and stability of keeping my shoulders up and back, but the head-to-knee makes us sort of cave forward. Eventually I will start working on that one.

There were no major thoughts or revelations today. It seems I experience more insight in the Vinyasa classes. Somehow, the extremes of pushing the body, and the talk that goes along with it tend to trigger me. Hatha is more stilling. Both are necessary.

I'll likely keep running with the Hatha slant for a few more days, with a possible Friday flow class just because.

Okay that's all.

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