26 March, 2012

Maybe Monday... or not

Today was Hatha with Bret.

I think I'd said to myself that maybe Monday would be a day off. But then, Monday came, and I went. I may need to start imposing restrictions on myself. The question starts to become "What am I avoiding?" And I am not even sure if that's a rational question. But here it is. March 26th. And I have taken 26 classes. Add to that the 4 days before that, and I am pretty much at a month with no rest.

As we saw in the Yoga Challenge, there are people whose bodies are made for this. There were people who took almost 60 classes in a month. I cannot even imagine how that's possible. But for some, it is not that difficult. Some bodies are fitter. Some are more resilient. Some are just plain younger. My body is not one of those bodies that can go-go-go. Not only that, each class, as I've stated too many times to count, takes somewhat of a toll on me in terms of dehydration. The other day, after a class, one of the staff at the front desk saw my mat and towel, drenched beyond all imagination. She said to me "What happened?" as if the only logical explanation would be that I had either spilled an entire 2 liters of water on it, or that I had thrown it in the shower. But the sad fact is, that's me, every day, dropping 4-6 pounds of sweat. Perhaps I should have been a wrestler. I keep waiting for my body to equilibrate. I've only been doing this for a few months. Maybe I'll adjust. Or maybe not.

I'm becoming a bit indifferent to the heat, which I suppose is good. I am not a fan of roasting, but when it occurs day after day, it starts to just be part of the game.

Not sounding very positive here. Not feeling very much like a yoga blog. A little bit more like complaining. Not the intention for this blog.

Today's class was really good (in spite of the moaning you just listened to). As I do Hatha more and more, the standing balance poses are getting better and better. In the last week, I think I have only "fallen out" of Standing Bow pose maybe one time. It's probably a little bit of me getting stronger, but the much more significant part is the focus that I am starting to develop in that pose. There came a point very early on, where I realized that focus was key. But it was a very difficult pose, and the difficulty led to distraction, and that broke the focus, etc. I used to be very susceptible to falling if anyone else fell. I would fall if the teacher spoke unexpectedly during the latter half of the pose (anticipating the words "and... release..." before they were actually due to arrive). But I am becoming (at least lately) more impervious to these outside distractions. I am getting better at allowing the instructor's words to be in the background, not the center of attention, but something that is received passively.

Regardless of the fact that there is this progress, I still must confront the reluctance to rest.

Perhaps leaving all of my yoga clothes and towels in the washing machine will solve the problem.

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