20 March, 2012

Look to the sky

Today was Hatha with Jo.

First class back in Studio B after the ceiling replacement. And each time we reached our arms up to send that energy out to the universe, we were gazing at a shiny new, almost reflective ceiling.

It felt really, really good to have a day of Hatha. Slowing it down. Finding stillness. Today's class was simply perfect.

It's remarkable to me that, just yesterday, Jo ushered us through a grueling, limit-exploring journey and, only 24 hours later, she chaperoned us through a peaceful place of calm. I love that a teacher has the power to create such vast extremes.

Today, I noticed something new. My Warrior II is getting better. My knee is not collapsing inward as much. My front hip is not flying out as much. My arms aren't burning as badly. I am looking in the mirror and seeing a warrior more than just a person trying to do yoga. It's a bit of a tongue in cheek reflection, but it feels different.

I am not sure why or how it has changed. I presume that it required my hips to be opening more. Yet my hips don't feel more open. These tiny changes, almost imperceptible, begin to manifest themselves in the capacity to form shapes with our body, these poses, which we could not previously produce. And each time a new shape materializes, we are forced to recognize that we are in no way static beings. We are constantly changing. Constantly evolving.

And all it takes is practice.

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