08 March, 2012

Last call for Hatha

Today was Hatha with Colette.

UYS is about to do some renovations, as I think I mentioned earlier. As a result, today was probably one of the only Hatha classes I will take for the coming week.

It was interesting doing a week of almost exclusively Hatha. Different muscles are sore. My hamstrings feel very worked out. Even more surprising is that my lats are very tired. I never knew that would happen. I think it's from a lot of the stretches where you pull with biceps, as well as side angle, half tortoise, etc. An important thing to note is that a week of Hatha is *not* a week of rest. I did want to lay off the plank poses and downward dogs for a bit, but the class is still a workout.

I think it was Jo who said you burn more calories in Hatha than Vinyasa. I am trying to figure out how that could be true. But I guess I could believe it because of all the balancing, which uses big quadriceps muscles.

Today's energy was a little unusual. We had some Ani DiFranco and some Nirvana. Quirky, right? For the first time ever, in a Hatha class, we only did one set of Side Angle... Unusual, right?

But my focus was still there and, the reality is, life doesn't often deal us what we expect, so a class that is a little unexpected is actually a great opportunity to practice with the unexpected.

Tomorrow begins the long stretch of flow. I think I am ready for it.

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