11 March, 2012

Just when you think it's getting easy

Today was Hatha with Diane.

Sunday afternoon class. This one tends to be pretty crowded. Rumor has it, there were 74 people in the class today. I had guesstimated 69 (based on my quick count of 23, multiplied by 3 rows). If you put that many people in the room, you know what happens? If not, refer to my entry about Heat Index.

Once again, I arrived 45 minutes early, because I cannot seem to remember that this class starts at 4:30pm. Mental note to self:  CLASS STARTS AT 4:30PM ON SUNDAYS!!! There. I should never forget it again. One would hope. Arriving early, I laid my towel down in what I considered to be a strategic spot, near the front mirror, and spaced exactly evenly between two heaters (there's a big difference being in front of a heater, versus between the heaters, which are evenly spaced about every 6-8 feet along the walls. Went to the locker room, and sat there, goofing around on my iPhone for about 20 minutes. Finally made my way down, and I am about to lay out my mat, and realize that my towel is now directly in front of the heater, and closer to the person to the left of me than I was before. And the class is not crowded, so it was not a case of needing to pack everyone in (yet, though it did ultimately become that crowded). I look at the person next to me, whom I've never seen before, and the first thought that goes into my mind is "This guy moved my mat so that he wouldn't be in front of the heater!" For a moment, I was irritated, but I decided to pick up my mat and move to a different spot. And in the end, I don't think it would have made a difference, because it was just plain hot.

I think I'm complaining.

Anyway, the more important point here is that I actually have no idea how or why my towel moved three feet to the left. I don't know that this guy moved it so that he wouldn't be in front of the heater. I don't even know that this guy was the person who moved it. I really don't know anything. And it doesn't do much good to try to perform some sort of crime-scene analysis to figure it out (though, I kinda think he moved it <grin>).

I usually expect Diane's classes to be gentle, relaxing, and easy, in terms of the energy that she sets in the room. Today, I found myself in the Land of Asphyxiation, to the point that I started needing to fight the mental battle to not complain to myself. It's funny, actually, because I just got done with my sort of righteous assertions over the past few days about how much easier the practice is getting, and about how I am not being hard on myself, and not getting frustrated, and being in the moment, and all these fantastically yogi-like accomplishments. And then, today, Sunday afternoon Hatha kicked my ass.

It just goes to show you.

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