02 March, 2012

In the palm of the mother's hand

Today was Power Vinyasa with Cassandra.

Seriously, this was an intense class! In spite of nursing the shoulder, I didn't want to miss the chance to attend this class. Highlights included a very extended Warrior flow series, fast-tempo, with almost no break between repeats. I fully expected we'd go through the flow twice, and then there was a third repeat that caught me a little bit by surprise. I was expecting the rest in Child's Pose. But I'm getting better at just going with it. So the rest will be a little later. Cassandra is good at giving the words of encouragement to get us through the last little bit that our minds don't want to do. She give an enthusiastic "You're almost there!" and that somehow helps, even though we know exactly how far away from "there" we are; those little words make it easier to continue.

She talked a lot about energy. About how we encounter negative energy and we need to be able to work through it. The energy of others, the energy in ourselves, the energy of situations. This was a theme in both of her classes this week.

Late in the class, we went down to the mat for what felt like it would undoubtedly be the start of the floor series. It was probably at about the 45 minute mark, and we'd just finished some tough series with Standing Splits and Half Moon. Surely the floor series was upon us. And, again, to my surprise (and I think everyone) we were suddenly doing Dolphin Planks.

I realize my message is chaotic today.

Near the end of class, Cassandra said something about how the mat is the place that we grow. She made a comment about how we are in the palm of the mother's hand. That stuck with me, and I knew as soon as I heard it that this was the quote of the day, and a worthy title for the blog. I like the imagery in that message. This giant, safe, nurturing, warm place. Holding us. Protecting us.

It's safe here.

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