07 March, 2012

In need of a 48-hour Savasana

Today was Hatha with Jo.

Today was also my tenth consecutive day of yoga, and I've decided that tomorrow will be a scheduled day of rest. The shoulder was supposed to be receiving a break, via the Hatha-only stint. But, I am now discovering that Hatha also does a little bit of work on the shoulders as well. Things like Ardha-Chandrasana and Extended Side Angle pose really work the deltoids. I found that, if I am not really gentle, the latter can actually irritate the joint as well. I'm hoping that a day off will do the trick.

Much to my disappointment, I'm probably on the verge of doing a Vinyasa-only stint, because UYS is about to begin some renovations of one of their studios. This will result in most of the Hatha classes for the week being canceled. I am going to need to find a way to take it easy, and still do the poses. We shall see. It's hard to do things like Plank pose, Upward Dog, Downward Dog, without really getting the shoulders involved. No way around it really.

This was the first time I'd ever taken a Hatha class with Jo. I didn't actually know that she teaches Hatha, but I guess she's had a 6am class for a long time that is before my waking hour, so I have never seen it. It is always kind of fun taking a class with a new instructor. While I have had plenty of Vinyasa classes with Jo, this was a different experience, and a different energy comes with it. It was really nice. The class was very crowded today, and the room was quite hot. But it felt good. For this hour class, we did two sets of most of the standing poses, and compensated on the back end by doing one set of most of the floor sequence, even skipping Pigeon today. 

My back muscles are tired. Almost cramping. My eyes are dry. I am not feeling particularly philosophical. 

All this suggests it is time for rest.

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