09 March, 2012

The heart knows what is true

Today was Power Vinyasa with Cassandra.

A much awaited, and much appreciated experience, as always.

Today was day one of the Vinyasa marathon. I will likely attend one Hatha class, Sunday, with Diane. Then it's nothing but power for the week.

Cassandra started class by asking if there were any requests. Someone asked for heart opening poses. So Cassandra began class by talking about the heart. It's really quite amazing to me, how she integrates the physical part of practice with what could only be described as a spiritual part.

Cassandra quote of the day: "if you are trying to figure out if something is true for you or not, ask yourself where you feel it. If you feel it in your heart then it must be true because only what is true and real can enter into that place"

My heart was opening before we even had one drop of sweat.

Class was intense today. We did some unusual poses and sequences today. Nothing completely wild but just a little shuffled around from a garden variety Vinyasa class.

During several of the rests today, Cassandra made a foreshadowing assertion: "rest now, because the work is coming." I am not sure why, but I really like that. There are times where we don't know what is coming. But there are also times in life where we know exactly what coming. And it is good to learn how to prepare for that. Not to brace ourselves, but to be open, willing, ready, fearless.

I want to be fearless.

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