13 March, 2012

Finding room for Hatha

Today was Hatha with Ginger.

I took the noon class today, to squeeze in another Hatha class around the modified schedule at the studio. This is probably only the second or third class I have ever taken with Ginger, and I like her classes because they tend to be quite a bit different feel than the other instructors. As I mentioned before, she tends to always give you a "breath count" in advance; letting you know that you'll be in Side Angle for 5 breaths, for example. This is an interesting counterbalance to the other end of the spectrum, where you have no idea what is coming next, though both have their value and their place in a practice.

There's also something fluid, and almost flow-like about the way Ginger does a class. Even though there were no full-fledged flow sequences, she still gives a sense of movement that continues throughout the class.

I am without many words today.

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