12 March, 2012

Finding comfort in discomfort

Today was 75 minutes of Vinyasa with Odessa.

This week, for some reason, I decided to map out my yoga schedule for the week. I don't know why this week, but probably because I was trying to find a Hatha class at some point (turns out, that will be tomorrow at noon with Ginger). I also wanted to mix in some variety and hit my body with some different instructors this week. So I'm looking at Ginger, Patrick, and Gordy over the next three days.

You probably didn't need to know all that.

Today's class was H-A-R-D! Started with abs, and then went into flow, after flow, after flow, through Crescent Lunges, Low Lunges, all the Warriors, repeated Chairs, twists on everything that could possibly be twisted.

When we seemed to be winding down, we still hit it hard again for Side Planks and Dolphin Planks. The only thing we were "spared" was Wheel.

And all this physiological fury delivered in Odessa's calming, ethereal tone.

I fought the heat and humidity a bit. Really had to consciously try to drag myself back to the moment, and back to the breath. But now I am taking 75 minute Vinyasa classes. I used to shy away from them. I am not sure if this is physical progress, so much as progress in my willingness.

Odessa repeats a quote she heard from a colleague: "The secret to life is finding comfort in discomfort"

And then Odessa says: "Hips drop... Utketasana... Chair Pose"

Comfort in discomfort, indeed.

(i have no idea what this means, but they spelled aesthetic wrong)

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