24 March, 2012

Dancing on thin ice... or cartilage

Today was 90 minutes of Hatha with Bret.

I'd mentioned that I needed a week of mostly Hatha, resulting from my shoulder being a bit sore deep in the joint. Yesterday, as mentioned, I took a Vinyasa class, and it definitely made the shoulder joint worse (especially because the unpredictability of the sequence had me moving through some angles that my shoulder wasn't accustomed to hitting). As such, the plan for today, and here forward, was "Back to Hatha" again. I'd originally planned on doing Odessa's 90 minute Vinyasa today, but that seemed like an extremely ill-advised idea. I am in this for the long run, and that means "injury free" is a top priority.

Class was good today. Bret's energy was just what I needed. A solid 90 minute class, but with enough lightness, creativity, and subtle variation on the strict Hatha series, that it never got to be too much of a struggle, and I never got lost too far in my head. I am not opposed to a struggle. But I also must admit that I like the idea of at least some of the classes being utterly relaxing and peaceful without that struggle. There's time enough, and opportunity enough for struggle.
I found my hamstrings extremely tight today and yesterday, which I am attributing to a well-guided and tough Hatha class with Patrick two days ago. Because of that, a lot of the stretching poses had slightly limited range of motion today. I also found (the last two days, actually) that I'm tight enough in my right hip that, when I take Happy Baby, I'm not staying really balanced or centered, with my body slightly lopsided. Hopefully, and probably that will just sort itself out over the next couple of days.

Even though Hatha doesn't really do any weight bearing on the arms, I still felt some shoulder tenderness on poses with arms over head. I took one or two Chaturanga sequences today, at places where Bret offered it as an option. But I skipped the optional Wheel, and a couple of other optional poses, again, because I need to rest the shoulder (I figure if I say that here enough times, I will do it).

My body is probably due for another day off soon...

Maybe Wednesday?

(these avocados have nothing to do with anything)

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