16 March, 2012

Cooking strength

Today was Vinyasa with Cassandra.

I'd been looking forward to this class all week, and Friday was here at last. And then, just like that, class was over. Sixty minutes flew by like it was one second. Cassandra came back from vacation fired up, full of positive energy, and full of inspiration, as always. Today, we were once again oriented 90 degrees to the side of the room. It was the second class this week where we were turned, and Cassandra talked about why she wanted us to have this experience. It was about being more focused in our bodies and how they feel, than worrying about how the poses look, or distracted by any other aspects of what we typically observe in the mirror.

It's interesting to me the way a certain energy of change starts happening, and it's almost as if it's just something in the air. Cassandra does the 90 degree rotation, without even being aware that we'd done it in Patrick's class two days earlier. Gordy has us keeping our eyes open the entire class. It makes me wonder what creates these energies.

Today's class, as I mentioned, went by shockingly fast. It was also surprisingly easy. There were some elements in the middle that were very difficult. Plank holds that were especially challenging given what my upper body had endured in the previous two classes. But otherwise, it was rather mellow. At one point during the class, Cassandra was talking to us during a Savasana about how important it is for us to really allow our bodies to come to a full rest during these breaks. She used the expression "Cooking Strength," meaning that our whole practice is about creating this stronger self.

Quote of the day, which I have heard before, but this time she attributed it to Baron Baptiste, was "How you do anything is how you do everything."

If you really think about that, it makes you want to set a really high standard for just about everything, doesn't it?

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