01 March, 2012

Another day, another dharma

Today was Hatha with Colette.

I am trying to do a stint of Hatha only. It will probably be interrupted by a Cassandra class tomorrow but, otherwise, I feel like my body needs it. All the dogs... Upward... Downward... My right shoulder is a little inflamed and I don't want to find myself needing to take an injury break. So, it's time to let sleeping dogs lie.

Today's class was, again, mellow. Not very hot. And it felt like a very fast hour. Colette had a light and casual mood in the room. She joked about people giving her the "stink eye" for making us stay in poses too long. Everyone laughed. It was nice.

I noticed that, in side angle, my right deltoid was very sore. It's got nothing to do with the inflammation I mentioned. The latter is deep in the joint. But the shoulder soreness is another indicator that going easy up there is the right plan.

I felt a little separate again today at the studio. Community feels like it is at arms' reach the last couple of days.

Ebb and flow.

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