07 February, 2012

Writing in a state of fatigue...

Today was Hatha with Angie.

Actually, confession, it was two days ago. One of my intentions for this class was to ARRIVE ON TIME. And that, I succeeded in doing. The temperature has been getting a little colder again, and a lot damper. The result is that my knees are drifting back into the land of the uncomfortable. Not sure if I have mentioned that before. I am pretty sure that I have arthritis in both of my knees. There cannot really be another explanation for intermittent pain, especially walking up and down stairs, sometimes in one knee, sometimes the other, sometimes both, and heavily weather-dependent.

What can you do? It happens. I guess I'm getting old. So I just have to be careful with it. But poses like Warrior I and II, Crescent Lunge... they can be really tough when the knees are having a bad day.

Tonight I am tired, and my recollection is not serving me well. I seem to remember that balance was still tough. Two days in a row where my balance seems off. Standing Bow, which had started to blossom for me has been a bit of a shaky situation the last couple of days. It could be that I'm not getting enough sleep. It could be that riding the exercise bike affected me. It's hard to know what it is. Maybe I'm just not balanced the last couple of days. Right? It could be anything.

So let's start working on that sleep, and see if that helps.

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