20 February, 2012

Things to try once, and only once

Today was 75 minutes of Vinyasa with Odessa.

You might ask yourself: "I wonder if it would be a good idea to go do hot yoga after drinking two glasses of wine at happy hour." Actually, you probably won't ask yourself that because it sounds like a horrible idea, right?

Nonetheless, that's what I found myself doing tonight. I'd set my mind on Odessa's class and, darn it, I was gonna take Odessa's class whether I was ready-or-not.

The two glasses of wine didn't actually have me feeling particularly "intoxicated" but when I arrived on my mat, there was a little bit of a post-appetizer, post-beverage stomach feeling that had me thinking "This could really go either way here." I'm happy to report that, much to my surprise, I had a pretty good class. It was an extremely peaceful class; Odessa has a really calming energy to her classes, and it was not very crowded (and thus, not very hot) at all. That definitely helped, as did positioning myself by the door.

She did a fair bit of balancing series that you'd typically see in Hatha, near the middle of the class, which was nice. The only part of the class where I felt my slight tipsiness to be an issue was on a couple of poses like Half Moon and the Side Angle poses. As expected, I was a bit shaky. But I was surprised that it was mostly okay.

My biggest concern was actually that I was sweating the scent of alcohol. But that was hopefully just paranoia.

Note to the audience: Do not try this at home. Bad idea. I was lucky.

As has been the case for a few days, my thoughts were of my sister. It is hard for me to get my mind around the idea of dedicating practice to another. The idea of personal intention feels much more natural. But at this point, I am okay with going outside that comfort zone.

I am glad I have a place to go where people offer warmth and kindness to me without any conditions, other than showing up. It's nice to have that in my life. I have mentioned that I don't know how I feel about "community."

But I guess maybe I need it.

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