06 February, 2012

Sixty seconds late

Today was Hatha with Bret.

I arrived about 1 minute late for class, having rushed out of work. This was the first time I have ever been late for a class, and I was surprised at how much it ended up impacting my experience. I walked into a packed, hot room. It was not completely clear how much I'd missed, but they were just starting Low Lunges, and it seemed like all I had missed was maybe a Rag Doll and perhaps a few Circle Sweeps. Nonetheless, coming in to a class already in progress was jarring. I had to set my mat down in front of someone else who'd previously had a clear view of the mirror. That always makes me feel guilty, but it felt especially bad today. And she was tall, and I sort of got into her space. I tried to frantically get my mat and towel down, and join the class. But I found that I felt a little rushed for at least the first twenty minutes of class.

Quite related to this unsettled feeling, I was unable today to get stable in any of the balance poses. Even Eagle pose, my legs kept wanting to come unwrapped, and I kept wavering, and feeling all shaky. I had to just go with it, and I didn't become upset, which is good, I suppose. But it was interesting to notice how important that 5 minutes of being able to just "get ready" for class is. Of course, the metaphors for life immediately come to mind: we don't always have time to prepare for situations, and we might occasionally fall into the middle of an intense situation and need to settle into it in less than optimal fashion.

I spent the middle of the class trying to set my intention on the fly to just settling down and getting stable, and enjoying, relaxing through the rest of the class.

It was a good practicing experience. But I think I'll leave work 5 minutes earlier today.

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